DIMARAS & ASSOCIATES has built a reputation as a world class law firm with ample experience in handling international and cross- border legal disputes.

The firm is renowned for acting in complex cases, both in advising and litigation level in all level courts and mainly in high courts.

The cases in which the firm is involved are often subject to some element of international law, since our clients are , except the Greek ones , also important foreign individuals or companies, or companies with international interests.

Our greek clients, individuals or companies, are either confronted with legal issues extending to more than one jurisdictions (such as combined litigation in Greek and foreign courts) or are in need of professional legal advice, as when a company of Greek interest wants to establish a commercial presence in a new market abroad.Greek companies also trust us with navigating them through difficult and complex business negotiations involving numerous legal issues.

Our foreign clients , individuals or companies , come to us either to navigate them in a safe way trough the complex channels of the greek legislation or to facilitate in a simple way their case in a foreign jurisdiction trough an efficient cooperation with local respectable colleagues.

Our clients also come to us when confronted with a particularly complex case, in which we offer our expertise in analysing such situations and suggesting solutions.




The firm’s clients are active in a wide range of business fields, from a medium to high stature of individuals and companies, both greek and foreign.

References often come from governments, organisations and senior officials, from other well respected foreign and domestic law and auditing firms, from lobbying groups and a series of other esteemed organisations and individuals.

The law firm has established a varied array of international links and collaborations and often acts as an experienced legal intermediary between a client and a law firm in another country, where the client wants to either do business or handle a legal issue.

Through the aforementioned services, the firm, and consequently our client, have the advantage of being familiar with the legal system in many different jurisdictions. Moreover, we are also familiar with the particularities of each national culture due to our frequent involvement in cross-border cases and the established links in many countries across continents.

In some of these countries the firm has a deeply established presence, as it represents a number of clients and/or maintains an extensive network of contacts with organisations and other cross-field key partners.



An indicative list of countries where  the firm has been active, has participated in various projects requiring legal expertise or where our clients have come from or have been based in includes:


  • Greece
  • United Kingdom
  • Switzerland
  • Russia
  • Italy
  • France
  • Spain


  • Israel
  • UAE


  • Singapore
  • China


  • Australia
  • New Zealand


  • USA
  • Canada


  • Morocco
  • South Africa
The firm is often a party, in a supporting role, in trials taking place outside Greece, either in terms of coordinating the representation of a case or by advising the local law firms and/or the local court on issues of Greek and European law.

Special way of handling cases our philosophy


The firm has often handled unique issues with no legal precedent, both in Greece and in other countries, by creating case law or by providing advice on ground breaking cases. The innovative solutions we have provided have been used as precedent by lawyers in subsequent cases.

We are proud of our high level of expertise in drawing strategic plans for the approach to each case - no matter how many law fields or jurisdictions are involved.

Despite the wide international field of activity and the extent and complexity of the issues we have handled the firm considers as top priority its client-focused character; the close relation and cooperation with them, and the clear mutual determination of the goal in each of the case stages in order to achieve maximum success, according to the initial strategic plan. When representing a company, the strategic plan takes into account the pursuit of commercial profit and the need for measurable financial benefit.

 Civil law Banks
 Commercial Law Lobbying organizations
 Banking & Finance Law  Luxury goods market
International Private Law Cars  market
European community Law Hotels
Tax law Insurance
Media Law Financial houses
Private Equity Law Real estate and property
Foreign wills – International inheritance issues Media corporations – journalists
 Criminal Law (financial crimes  and media defamation) Individuals  high profile cases
Individuals with complex  multi jurisdictional cases


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